Welcome to the site dedicated to The WDM.

Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith. Doctor Who. The Joker... What do all of these people have in common???
Welcome to the site dedicated to The WDM.

During conversations, I'm often stopped and asked, "What is a 'WDM'??" -----> WDM = Well-Dressed Male

A term I thought up years ago, after realizing how many men don't know or care how to dress well. The scene so sparse in fact that when a nicely dressed boy was actually spotted, the sighting sparked a tiny celebration amongst us girls.

That's what this blog is about, appreciating boys in nice outfits. It's pretty simple.

My WDMs range from Modern (suits, street/casual wear) to Period costuming to Fantasy and Cosplay costuming. My only requirement is that you be male, and that I like your style, whatever it is. We applaud you all for caring about what you look like. Or appearing to care about what you look like. :D

Also expect to see hair-related posts.. I'm a fan of boys with fun/nice/interesting hair.

I use my term 'WDM' to promote a good thing, going forth through the internet with images taken from red carpet events, videos, magazines, films, shows, candids, whatever! to use those pics for good, and not evil.

Awesome for your eyeballs. You're welcome.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing - Uniforms

Much Ado About Nothing? Much Ado About SOMETHING. <-- See what I did there? Nice.

I may have mentioned once or twice, or many times, that I do love uniforms. Really, in many cases, it's instant WDM.

It's hard to screw up a uniform. Guys, they've already made it awesome, you just have to put it on and make it yours. You may recognize a few of these boys from Much Ado...

There's something very appealing about this picture...

Let's all just continue to stare at it until we figure out what it is....

Ah! Got it. Bad -ass period costuming! Nice.

Thanks, Denzel! (And what's-his face-from House)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gaius Baltar of Battlestar Galactica

Poor, Gaius. Looks so stressed. Don't
worry, it's just another Cylon invasion...

Oh, Gaius, without you, where would BSG be?? Not nearly as hilarious, brilliant, or interesting, that's where. My God, how many times have laughed Pepsi right up my nose? How many times....

Gaius Baltar is at the top of my fav characters list from this show, and while not always terribly dressed, he wasn't always WDMed up. But when he was, he was extra pretty. I liked his basic black for trial (need better pics of this)

and his publicity shots are crisp!

I especially loved the striped piece he wore later in the show, memorable for when Caprica was having visions of Gaius.

Another fav color combo of mine: Black/Gray/White/Red I like the classic gray pinstripes on this, but the added red stripe makes it. Add the wine -colored shirt underneath and pow!, we got DRADIS contact.

And because I'm also a hair stuff fan, I did miss it when he shaved the beard and went back to shorter hair. At times he would have an unkempt look which was extra-adorable, particularly when he was scheming.

And I have to add, James Callis is downright edible in person. Thanks for being BSG's WDM!

Brad Pitt

During the Best Suit voting for the 2011 Golden Globes, while perusing the pics I noted that while there was only one picture for each of the other guys in their suits , there were two pics of Brad. And I thought, well well...why the extra pic for Brad, eh? Favoritism?? And then I remembered that I hadn't even done a post on Brad yet for the WDM blog. And was ashamed.

I may not have thought you deserved two pics for that suit contest, Brad, but you are a WDM. Smoked our faces off with this:

Wow. There is nothing incorrect here. And the glasses, two thumbs.
I am curious about the fabric for that jacket. Wish I could touch and inspect it!

That is all for now. I felt this look deserved it's own post. :D There's plenty of Brad, WDM, to go around, so let's take it easy!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dude, it's cold out there!!! Let's Warm Up...

Reports are coming in from all over! Lots of people are experiencing severe winter weather right now. Snow, ice, blizzards and what not. Whew, bundle up, people. I know some of you must be cold. Hey! You know who's not cold??? Will Smith.

I'm digging this leather jacket and cap situation.
He's even got the glovesand the scarf. Way to stay well-
dressed AND warm, Will!! That's why you're a winner.

Remember this coat from another Jared Leto post?? Well, I actually did find a
full length pic of it. Go me! Yeah, I REALLY like this coat.

Jamie Foxx is proof that lawyers just don't get cold. And we
likes the pattern on this coat.

Oh, David. Really? A vest ensemble, AND that gorgeous coat??
And the cap?? AND the cute kid?? Impossible.

The Joker. No one will ever wear a kick ass purple coat like this
as well as he did. With his gloves and coat, and arson and
bombings, I'm sure he kept warm!

Blair "Prez of the United F$!king States" Underwood??... Is not cold.
Thank you.

...and last but certainly not least, because they are two of my favorite coats on this page—

The cut of this coat and Tom Hardy's lips = smokin' hot.
Winter weather, you are powerless against this man.


I suspect that Justin Timberlake, with fame and fans
to keep him warm, will never be cold. You go, Justin.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On the runway...

While I love mainstream styles, not everything has to be streamlined, symmetrical, predictable. I like avant garde, couture, etc... I never know what I will like until I see it. And I likes these, by designers:

Himmat Singh

Rohit Bal

This one is my fav!

Rocky S.

Manoviraj Khosla.

I do like the trim and tie patterns playing off each other in this.

Photos by Mustafa Quraishi/AP

Robert Downey - Golden Globes 2011

Weee! Is it true that I didn't post a single WDM for January? True! But never fear, we didn't shut down. Just gearing up to kick off February right! Oh, look at the red on Robert...just in time for Valentine's. XD

While he was onstage sharing a laugh with the audience (while simultaneously totally calling Ricky Gervais on his questionable performance for the 2011 GGs), Robert was looking amazing in gray/white and red. I do love that combo. There are few colors I like blended with red, gray is one of them!

And according to Entertainment Weekly, according to this kick-ass blog, guess who was the "Best at the Golden Globes"?? :)

He took the glasses off, but had them on for other shots.
I'm a fan of his eyewear. Sexy, magic glasses.

Great closeup of the couple!
I did see Susan's dress this year, and it made me wonder if she dressed down,
intentionally. I really
hope not. Don't start doing that Susan, shine,
girl, SHINE. :) Her dress last year was fantastic.

Love and sexy magic

This picture, for some reason, makes me very happy. :D
When ARE these two gonna do something together, huh???