Welcome to the site dedicated to The WDM.

Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith. Doctor Who. The Joker... What do all of these people have in common???
Welcome to the site dedicated to The WDM.

During conversations, I'm often stopped and asked, "What is a 'WDM'??" -----> WDM = Well-Dressed Male

A term I thought up years ago, after realizing how many men don't know or care how to dress well. The scene so sparse in fact that when a nicely dressed boy was actually spotted, the sighting sparked a tiny celebration amongst us girls.

That's what this blog is about, appreciating boys in nice outfits. It's pretty simple.

My WDMs range from Modern (suits, street/casual wear) to Period costuming to Fantasy and Cosplay costuming. My only requirement is that you be male, and that I like your style, whatever it is. We applaud you all for caring about what you look like. Or appearing to care about what you look like. :D

Also expect to see hair-related posts.. I'm a fan of boys with fun/nice/interesting hair.

I use my term 'WDM' to promote a good thing, going forth through the internet with images taken from red carpet events, videos, magazines, films, shows, candids, whatever! to use those pics for good, and not evil.

Awesome for your eyeballs. You're welcome.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gaius Baltar of Battlestar Galactica

Poor, Gaius. Looks so stressed. Don't
worry, it's just another Cylon invasion...

Oh, Gaius, without you, where would BSG be?? Not nearly as hilarious, brilliant, or interesting, that's where. My God, how many times have laughed Pepsi right up my nose? How many times....

Gaius Baltar is at the top of my fav characters list from this show, and while not always terribly dressed, he wasn't always WDMed up. But when he was, he was extra pretty. I liked his basic black for trial (need better pics of this)

and his publicity shots are crisp!

I especially loved the striped piece he wore later in the show, memorable for when Caprica was having visions of Gaius.

Another fav color combo of mine: Black/Gray/White/Red I like the classic gray pinstripes on this, but the added red stripe makes it. Add the wine -colored shirt underneath and pow!, we got DRADIS contact.

And because I'm also a hair stuff fan, I did miss it when he shaved the beard and went back to shorter hair. At times he would have an unkempt look which was extra-adorable, particularly when he was scheming.

And I have to add, James Callis is downright edible in person. Thanks for being BSG's WDM!


  1. Oooooo...you've met him? I would have giggled and run off like a dork. :D

    He always has a sort of poise as Gaius, ya know? Even when ratty looking and downtrodden, he is always regal enough in posture and demeanor to give the impression of wearing a suit.

  2. :D Yeah! It's all him.

    I didn't speak to him, we were going into the rave!(this was at D*C) I lost him in there after that. He's SOOO adorable. I think he smokes though. :p