Welcome to the site dedicated to The WDM.

Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith. Doctor Who. The Joker... What do all of these people have in common???
Welcome to the site dedicated to The WDM.

During conversations, I'm often stopped and asked, "What is a 'WDM'??" -----> WDM = Well-Dressed Male

A term I thought up years ago, after realizing how many men don't know or care how to dress well. The scene so sparse in fact that when a nicely dressed boy was actually spotted, the sighting sparked a tiny celebration amongst us girls.

That's what this blog is about, appreciating boys in nice outfits. It's pretty simple.

My WDMs range from Modern (suits, street/casual wear) to Period costuming to Fantasy and Cosplay costuming. My only requirement is that you be male, and that I like your style, whatever it is. We applaud you all for caring about what you look like. Or appearing to care about what you look like. :D

Also expect to see hair-related posts.. I'm a fan of boys with fun/nice/interesting hair.

I use my term 'WDM' to promote a good thing, going forth through the internet with images taken from red carpet events, videos, magazines, films, shows, candids, whatever! to use those pics for good, and not evil.

Awesome for your eyeballs. You're welcome.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Inception

I've been saving myself for Inception.


As much raving as I have done about this movie elsewhere, I've been asked when I was going to glorify the Inception crew on the official WDM page. Hey, I was gonna! I was just waiting for things to die down a bit, so my head wouldn't explode. I have now seen Inception four times, so I think I'm ready.

"Glorify" indeed... Glory be to the costuming gods. Perfectly tailored visual bliss. Let's begin. First of all...

Why didn't nobody tell me that 3rd Rock rolls like this now?!


Yes, that's Joseph in this blog's header, a shot from the set of the movie. That suit is incredible. The tie, oh, the tie. I had a lot of pics I wanted to use for this site's header, but for now that one just does it all for me. Here, see it again! Because your eyes can never see it too much!

did you see the shoes??

The movie is still in theaters in some places, (I just saw it again at the cheap seats), but it should be coming up for release on DVD/BluRay soon. Honestly, that'll be the only way I can really study what's being worn by all the characters without being distracted by how awesome the movie is. As a film person, the movie distracts me from the studying the clothing,  and the clothing distracts me from the other elements of the movie, which I also love.  Inception is a lot to take in!  Many levels to absorb. It may not be as much of a distraction for those viewers who aren't fashion/costume-philes, though. :D

From what I can see and remember, with the exception of the opening scenes tux, Arthur wears mostly three-pieces in this, which is aaaaaawesooooooooome. I love that someone with his body type is rocking the three piece so perfectly tailored to his frame; he wears it beautifully. Such gorgeous work.

Yep, this is the actual suit from the blog header pic, on display somewhere.

There's not a single tie in this movie that doesn't deserve recognition. You go, you f-ing awesome tie!

Now where is that sweater?....The sweater ensemble he wears in the lab and teaching scenes with Ariadne is GREAT. But I don't have a pic of that one. :o/ When the DVD hits, screen caps are a must. There are a lot of shots of costumes that I can 't find on the webs. But when I do get a nice shot of it, it will go here:

[ Arthur's kick-ass sweater, bitches! ]

As I said on my other Inception postings elsewhere: "Who told Joseph he could raid Justin Timberlake's closet? And why did they not do this sooner??

Seriously, if you're a JT fan and you've followed him for any length of time after the Justified album, what Joseph wears in the movie will seem familiar!

Joseph will be featured on this blog for Inception, but also for his off-film shoots and editorials and stuff.

Also if I ever meet costumer Jeffrey Kurland, I will probably kiss him right on the mouth for this.

Oh yes, I see you Ken Watanabe. Don't worry, you're next...

"Just saw Inception, and while there will be a long post coming about the movie's plot, all I have to say right now is:

I want to fuck Joseph Gordon-Levitt's brains out." - Firestorm717

Ah, Firestorm, you just beat me to it. I concur. :D

I realize the url for this is typoed to death, but that's what happens when you're sleep deprived...



  1. Yum. It's ALL about the vest, really. A nice crisp white dress shirt and a 3 piece suit vest....hummina. Add a watch on a chain and I'm a puddle of happy. This is a movie I will rent, so I can pause multiple times and enjoy the WDM view. *le sigh*

  2. It is magnificent!!!! It won't be available to rent until Jan. I think, but to buy it's Dec. 7th. I can't wait!!

    Ooo, when I visit Seattle we and watch WDMs together! *squee*

  3. Thank you. Just saw this movie and immediately began drooling over JGL. As a seamstress, I annoyed my date by not shutting up about the tailoring!

  4. You're welcome! I'm just glad to find other people who are as big a fan of the costuming in this film as we are. So frikkin' awesome. Honestly, Joseph and Ken had the best stuff. My brain is still tingly about it. I'm now trying to make some good screen caps of the stuff I couldn't find pics online.